4 Tips For Finding A Kid-Friendly Hotel

4 May 2017
 Categories: Travel, Blog

Going on vacation with the kids sounds like a fun time, but it won't be entirely stress-free if your kids end up going through phases of boredom. Finding activities for kids can sometimes be challenging, especially if you are planning to visit an area that isn't exactly a kid destination. That's why it's best to stay in a hotel that offers kid friendly activities. This way, you can have moments of peace while the kids have fun. Here are four tips to help you find a kid-friendly hotel:

  1. Swimming Pool With Water Slides: What could be better for the kids than a swimming pool with water slides? This can keep your kids occupied for hours at a time and is especially great if you are vacationing somewhere with extremely warm weather. You can relax poolside while the kids are having a grand time playing. You may even look for a hotel that has a lazy river and other fun water features. 
  2. Arcade: A hotel with an arcade for the kids is another fun feature. If your kids are old enough, you can even have them go to the arcade while you stay up in the hotel room relaxing until it's time to venture out again. 
  3. Kid Friendly Food: Ordering food service from the hotel room is something many kids enjoy, as well, however, you want to be sure that they offer food your kids are going to actually eat. Be sure to ask about their food service menu. Then when you are ready to settle down in the room for a while before going out again, you can order your child snacks or a light meal for them to enjoy in the room. This can easily keep them occupied, especially if your hotel also offers kid-friendly channels on the TV. 
  4. A Park: Another great feature some hotels will have is a small park doors or outdoors for the kids. Many times you can request to stay right next to the park so that you are able to actually keep an eye on the kids while they are at the park while on your patio or through the large sliding glass door to the patio or outdoor deck. 

When you check for these four features, you can be sure that you end up choosing a hotel that is going to make your vacation that much more pleasant for you and the kids.