A Quick Guide To The Best Make-Up For Your Summer Wedding

12 July 2017
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If you are getting married outside in the summer, you get the benefit of nice weather and lots of natural colors and flowers. However, you also have to deal with the heat. Here is a quick guide to getting your bridal make-up right when you are going to be out in the heat for your wedding and reception.


The first thing you need to focus on is the foundation. To start with, you are going to want to keep the oil on your face low by using an oil-free moisturizer and only putting as little moisturizer as possible on your face if you tend to be more on the oily side of things. If your face tends to be dry, however, put on the normal amount of oil-free moisturizer.

Next, be sure to use an anti-shine base. This will help prevent your face from looking shiny and sweaty throughout the day. Use a spot concealer for around your eyes and corners of your nose as it will last longer, and apply any other foundation with a brush for the best application.


Blush tends to wear off quickly, especially when it is hot outside. Do not use a cream-based blush for your outside wedding. Cream-based blushes are more likely to streak and look oily over time. Instead, use a powered based blush and try to add in a few minutes to touch-up on your make-up between your wedding and reception. To keep your power-based blush in place, you may want to use a check stain on the bottom and apply blush on the top.


To keep your eyeshadow in place, but a little concealer using a brush on your eyelids. This will help keep the power eyeshadow you apply in place. Power eyeshadow will stay in place better than a creamy eyeshadow, which could oil up in the heat.

For your eye liner, try to stick to a cake liquid liner. These types of liners have long staying power. You should also put a little eyeliner sealing product over your eyes as well to ensure that your liner stays in place.

Of course, waterproof mascara is the way to go for your lashes.


For your lips, right before you head out, you are going to want to put on some lip moisturizer. Then, you are going to want to outline your mouth with a lip pencil and color in your lips as well. This will help your lipstick stay on during the long day in front of you. Next, apply your lipstick and be sure to blot it. Finally, put on a single coat of lip gloss to give your lips the shine they need to last the entire day.

If you don't have all of these make-up products, enlist the help of a make-up artist for your big day. They can use your products and supplement with their own products in order to help you achieve just the right look. For more assistance in your wedding planning, contact companies like Georgios Banquets, Quality Inn & Suites Conference Centre.