Tips For Planning A Baseball Game Vacation

30 April 2021
 Categories: Travel, Blog

Baseball has long remained one of the most popular sports and a great experience to watch live. Some people make it a life goal to scratch as many Major League ballparks off their list as possible. This can be a great family or couple's trip any time of year, and there are several different ticket options that you should consider. You can put it all together by planning out every part of your travel so that you can enjoy hot dogs and a great game when the time comes. These steps will help you to figure out what you should know about planning a trip to a baseball game.

Plan out which games on the schedule you'd like to see in person

Think about when you'd like to travel and how that matches up with this year's baseball season. Choose game dates that feature other teams you might like to see, special ballpark events, pleasant weather conditions, and other variables. Since the schedules get released early, you'll have plenty of time to choose the best time of day, along with games that fall alongside holidays or other times of year that work best for you. Depending on what kind of vacation time you have, you can also purchase multiple game tickets. This comes in handy just in case a game gets rained out or delayed.

Book your lodging, travel, and tickets in a way that makes sense

It's just as important to nail down all of your travel accommodations. If you're traveling from out of state, figure out if you are going to take a road trip or travel by air. You will also need to find hotels close to the stadium, like hotels close to Anaheim stadium, so that getting around isn't an issue. Many ballparks have deals with nearby hotels, and some even have hotels in homerun territory that allow you to watch a game from the balcony. Lock in the best prices for your lodging, and check out travel deals that are worth your time.

In the meantime, make sure that you also find tickets that are in your price range. The farther out you buy your tickets, the easier it will be for you to get a good deal, while also making sure that you snag some seats that are close to the action, and that increases your chances to get a souvenir ball.

Start with the information above when you're ready to plan out your baseball travel.