Tips For Safe And Stress Free Taxi Rides With Your Dog

5 December 2014
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If you have a dog and live in a large city or if you commonly travel by plane, then you will probably need to transport your canine by taxi cab on occasion. A taxi service is the most convenient way to travel with your dog, but the transportation can bring about some challenges. Follow the tips below to make sure your taxi ride is as stress free as possible for both you and your dog.

Reduce Car Sickness Concerns

Most people know that taxi cab drivers are assertive, so they can reach their destinations as quickly as possible. This frees up the cab for a new fare and it also keeps customers happy. If the taxi moves too fast with your dog on board, then he or she may become ill. Not only is this bad for your dog, but you may need to pay the cab driver for cleaning expenses. You can ask the taxi driver to navigate the road more cautiously, and you can also do some things to make sure your dog does not vomit.

Settle the Stomach

One of the easiest ways to keep your dog from vomiting in the car is to limit food consumption for two or three hours before the car ride. Try to limit the amount of water your canine drinks as well. About an hour before the taxi ride, give your dog a sweet treat like a jellybean, a sugar cube, or another piece of candy that contains sugar.  

When dogs become stressed, their blood sugar decreases and this can cause acid to accumulate in the stomach. This can contribute greatly to the feeling of car sickness, and the sugar will help to keep blood sugar levels from dropping. Just make sure you do not feed your dog candies with xylitol or other artificial sweeteners, because these can be toxic to your canine.

Increase Air Flow

Another good way to keep your dog from feeling ill in the taxi is to make sure cool air flows through the vehicle. This will keep your dog from overheating, because excessive amounts of heat can cause your dog to vomit. Also, opening the windows in the taxi will help to reduce air pressure within the cab. Keeping air pressure inside the cab consistent with the pressure outside can reduce stress on the ears. Ear stress can cause nausea concerns, and good air flow will prevent this.

Some taxi drivers like to turn on the air conditioning in the cabs of their vehicles, but many drivers will open windows a small amount if asked. If this is not possible for some reason, make sure your dog is facing towards the front of the vehicle. This will help to reduce motion sickness much like it will for humans.

Keep Your Dog Safe

Another thing you need to do when you transport your dog in a taxi is make sure he or she is safe and properly restrained. You may need to use a carrier to transport your dog, but you should not leave him or her in the container when the taxi starts to drive. The carrier will keep your dog contained, but the movement of the taxi can easily cause the carrier to shift or move. You may be able to secure a seat belt around the carrier if the taxi service requires you to keep your dog container. If the taxi allows you to release your dog, then make sure to bring a dog seat belt harness with you.

Dog Seat Belt Harnesses

A dog harness that attaches to the seat belt in the back of a car is the best type of device to keep your dog safe during a taxi service. You need to make sure that you purchase the right product for the trip though. Some dog harnesses offer little or not protection during a car accident, so do your research to make sure you know which brands have met crash test safety standards.  

Also, you will need to buy a harness that is the right size for your dog so he or she is secure. When you place the harness on your dog, make sure all straps are tightened securely and also make sure the seat belt is tight once the harness is attached.

If you need to transport your dog by taxi, then you will need to make sure that your dog does not become ill during the trip. You also must ensure the safety of your canine. Follow the tips above, so you will be more than prepared to travel with your dog.

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