5 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Vacation

15 December 2014
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Traveling is expensive. Hotel rooms, airline tickets, attraction fees, and other costs add up quickly, especially if you're traveling with your entire family, but that doesn't mean that you can't go on vacation. Here are five ways to save money on your next vacation. Travel during the off-season Traveling during the off-season can help you save money on your next trip. This is thanks to supply and demand. During the peak season, hotels, airlines, and attractions are in very high demand, and can charge very high prices. Read More 

Tips For Safe And Stress Free Taxi Rides With Your Dog

5 December 2014
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If you have a dog and live in a large city or if you commonly travel by plane, then you will probably need to transport your canine by taxi cab on occasion. A taxi service is the most convenient way to travel with your dog, but the transportation can bring about some challenges. Follow the tips below to make sure your taxi ride is as stress free as possible for both you and your dog. Read More