Celebrate With Wine: Mark The Milestones Of Your Life With Wine Tours And Excursions

7 June 2016
 Categories: Travel, Blog

If you want to make memories that last a lifetime, take a tour of wine country. Whether you cruise the coast of California to taste the finest in Chardonnay or a trip through New England during fall foliage to sample the sweet blueberry port, a wine tour is an adventure that is well-suited to groups and small charters. Visit sites of area vineyards or wineries to find the best destination for your wine tour.

Some cool ways to celebrate special occasions around wine are:

Think wine for your wedding. Not just the ceremony or reception, but all of the events leading up to a wedding are well-suited to a winery. For instance, a bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner are equally as memorable at a high-end vineyard. Better yet -- rent a limo and tour a specific region tasting all of the local varietals.

Be adventurous on your birthday. Ring your birthday in with style at a vineyard or winery. Many offer five-star dining options, so call ahead to reserve dining space for your group. Consider visiting establishments that offer lodging and make a birthday weekend of it!

Consider corporate functions and retreats. For a classy spin on a corporate retreat or function, host your event at a winery. Provide shuttle or car service from work for the day, or weekend, when planning seminars, motivational speakers, or other work-related event. Rent a conference space during the day and treat the team to tastings at the end of the day.

Refine a family reunion. Tired of the turn-out at your last family reunion? Change things up by hosting a destination reunion at a winery or vineyard; reserve rooms on-site for family and guests, and make plans for group tastings and tours. Family members will clamor to attend in years to come!

Charter a bus or rent a limo for your own customized wine tour:

  • This allows you to bring back your own supply of special varietals or vintages during your tour.
  • Go ahead and stock the car with bottled water for the wine tour; this will help cleanse your party's palate between stops along the way.
  • Limos are typically rented by the hour, so plan on hosting an afternoon tour and tasting in a stylish ride. Arrange to have guests picked up and dropped off to keep things simple and on schedule.
  • Plot a course that covers a region where there are a couple different wineries to visit. For instance, the Napa region for a California tour or the Asheville area in North Carolina for local mountain wines offer a variety of vineyards, wineries, and establishments focused on attracting wine enthusiasts and tourists. 

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