What To Pack For A 7-Day Cycling Trip

20 July 2016
 Categories: Travel, Blog

If you're planning a long bike trip, it's important that you get your gear ready and figure out how you're going to carry it. You don't want to overpack because it will make the bike cumbersome. On the other hand, you don't want to underpack and be stuck out in the middle of your ride without the supplies you need or the tools to fix your bike or tent. So here is what you need for your trip.

Waterproof Panniers And Trunk Bag

It's important that you have the proper luggage on your bike. You cannot rely on a single backpack because it won't hold enough and it will tire you out. Panniers hang on the sides of your bike and will hold your clothing and tent. A trunk bag is another great piece of luggage that you should have if your bike has a built in trunk rack. If it doesn't, then you can get an under-the-seat bag. These are not going to be as large and roomy as trunk bags, but they are better than nothing.

Hydration Pack

Instead of carrying a backpack, you should have a hydration pack. You will fill this with water and use it to drink during the day. It is much less cumbersome than carrying bottles of water.


Get the smallest tent you can find. If you don't want to hassle with putting up the tent poles each night, then opt for a "pop-up" tent. These can be tossed into the air and they flip open. However, they can be tricky to close, so make sure you familiarize yourself with them before you head out on the road. Once you have selected the pop-up tent for your trip, search for videos on YouTube that show people folding the tents back together, and practice it yourself.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit should have bandages, sunscreen, antiseptic, gauze, and scissors. You should choose a first aid kit that comes in a small bag that you can hang from the front handlebars. A hard box will need to be stored in your panniers or trunk bag, which will leave less room for clothing, food, and your tent.

Repair Kit

It's also important to bring a repair kit on your trip. This will allow you to fix a broken chain, a punctured tire, or loose brake lines. You should also choose a repair kit that comes in a soft pouch that will strap on to the bike frame.

In addition to a repair kit, you should also have a small tire pump. You can get one that will attach right to the frame.  


Pack non-perishable food. Power bars, granola mix, and beef jerky are all good sources of dense calories.


You have to carry a flashlight with you. How you carry it is up to you. You can have a small one that will fit in your pocket, as well as a backup one inside your pack. Or you could only keep the one light in your pack.


In addition to underwear, socks, and shirts, you need both long cycling pants and a pair of shorts. Plus, you should bring along a raincoat plus a warm sweater made of thinsulate or fleece.