Tips To Keep Safe When You Travel To West Africa

28 May 2017
 Categories: Travel, Blog

If visiting Africa is on your travel bucket list, it's time to take the plunge and begin planning. You might wish to start in one section of the continent, and West Africa makes sense given its closer location to North America. Safety while you travel might be on your mind, and the good news is that you can remain perfectly safe while you visit West Africa, as long as you keep a handful of tips in mind. As is even the case when traveling domestically, a careful approach to safety will strongly decrease the likelihood that anything unpleasant occurs. Here are some safety tips for traveling to West Africa.

Leave Your Valuables At Home

A simple way to improve your safety when you're traveling in West Africa is to avoid standing out by wearing flashy jewelry or carrying expensive possessions. These may make you a target in crowded public areas, whether you're in a street market in Lagos, Nigeria, or attending a football match in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Avoid wearing jewelry beyond your wedding bands and consider buying a pair of cheap sunglasses before your trip so that you can leave your designer shades at home. Don't carry an expensive camera, either. While you might be anxious to document the scenery, a camera can attract unwanted attention in a crowded area.

Take Steps To Reduce The Risk Of Illness

You'll dramatically improve your chance of staying safe from diseases by visiting your doctor in advance of the trip and getting the necessary medication. Being vaccinated against malaria, for example, is a must, given the mosquitoes that you may encounter when you're enjoying a jungle hike or an animal sanctuary visit. Additionally, you'll also want to get vaccinated against hepatitis and any other issues that are common in the countries you'll be visiting. Wearing a large sunhat can also reduce your risk of heat stroke or other heat-related ailments, which may be a risk if you're not used to such high heat.

Avoid Driving At Night

Driving at night can increase your risk of being robbed by people who may target tourists, but these instances are less common during the daylight hours. Plan to do your sightseeing during the daytime so that you can stay in and around your hotel at night. If you do wish to get out and see the city after dark, inquire about hiring an experienced driver and guide, who will take care to ensure that you remain in the city's safest areas. By taking these precautions, you'll be dramatically increasing your risk of staying safe so that you can enjoy the entirety of your trip.

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