How A Vacation Rental Management Company Can Help Turn Your Second Home Into A Successful Rental

22 September 2017
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If you're planning to move but can't sell your home or you're not sure if you want to sell your current home, then you may want to put it on the vacation home market. You can usually make more money renting out as a vacation home than you can to a long-term renter. Plus, your home could be in high demand if you live in a popular tourist destination. You won't even have to worry about taking care of the house if you move to another city or state because you can hire a vacation rental management company to do it for you. These companies offer different services, and these are some of the common ones your company might do for you:

Providing Services To The Renter

One problem you'll need to solve is how to get the key to your home to your rental guest if you live in another state. You could install a keypad and change the code each time or you could hire a management company and let them distribute the keys to renters. The renters may pick up the keys at the rental office or a staff member may drop off the keys at the house. Either way, you'll have someone local to manage the keys so your guest can get in your home. Having someone local helps when problems arise too such as a broken air conditioner or blocked drain. The management company can handle small problems and call in contractors when needed so you don't have to be tied to your phone 24 hours a day as a contact person for your renters.

Keeping Your Home In Good Shape

You want your home to be sparkling clean and tidy when new renters arrive so they will want to come back and so you'll get good reviews on vacation rental sites. A management company can visit your house as often as needed to make sure it is ready for new guests and to ensure the lawn and pool are maintained properly. A staff member can also visit your home if necessary after a storm or heavy rain to make sure there is no damage to your home.

Bringing In Renters And Managing Money

You'll want to advertise your vacation home in as many places as possible and a management company may be able to help you with this for an additional fee. You want your home booked solid throughout the year so you make as much money from it as you can. If the company manages several homes, they may even be able to provide overflow guests from other properties on occasion so your home doesn't have to stay empty. The company may even manage the money flow through your property. Renters may pay them and then the company will send your profits periodically after they remove the management fee. Companies operate differently, so you may accept the money instead and pay the fee out of the rental fees. Depending on the company you work with, you can be as involved with the operation of your vacation home as little or as much as you like.

Vacation rental homes are very popular forms of lodging right now thanks in part to the popular websites that list them. It's a good way to make extra money on your second home and when you hire a management company to take care of the details, you won't have to spend much time taking care of your vacation house.

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